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Interesting substance about doing car insurance " when have an the car accident ?"

Thursday, December 13, 2007

When have an the car accident. Neither you are will the driver a passenger is or eyewitness. How are we should be done ?

1. If be the eyewitness.
Should reach help painful patient properly and we will must appear to are good citizen by glad to the witness in a case gives. Supposing that we see a car bump against a person already flees. The thing that us should help to arrest a person who can make a mistake to is try write motor vehicle registration detail , trademark name , car color has that to bump against can keep then is hurried inform give the police knows for follow to arrest. There is good citizen someone so as drive a car follow catch the driver has who to bump against a person already can flee. Kind this person should have to praise that be the good person is valuable build the social.

2. If you are the patient because car accident.
You will must minister like 1. First thing you will must beg the other or the police leads hospital transmitter quickly most for saves one's life him keeps before. With regard to that case takes to keep consider later but if a little enough painful can make a settlement agree for not waste time unreasonably. But must try beg for the name or remember the motor vehicle registration that bump against us keeps can give. Because if a driver rides distorted us later us will have managed can recover damage according to law otherwise then unknow that will go to accuse who is he from ? Where ?. [ car , insurance , life ]

3. If you are the driver.
If you are the driver confronts. First thing at you must do to are don't escape any circumstances because base mistake drives a car that careless is not about the intention. A wrongdoer is not a criminal. Penalty a few measure ? Should stay for fight with the truth otherwise you must escape long ago arrive at 15 year. If you drive a car to bump against the dead but if you surrender oneself to defend. Sometimes you have no the mistake or be guilty the court the living things mitigates to give. If you are good generous person.

The duty of the driver when be born cars that collide the law notes as follows.
3.1 Must stop a car and give the assistance properly such as drive a car bump against a person must stop a car help a person who bumped against lead send the hospital as much as can.
3.2 Must go to appear and inform build officer is similar to immediately be must be hurried go to inform the police that be similar to immediately. But must tell the police if what are we the driver ?.
3.3 Inform your name , family name , number motor vehicle registration location. For person receive the damage with.
3.4 If a driver rides to escape or not appears to officer. The law assume that be a wrongdoer and the police is influential hold a car that drives to keep until will seize a driver rides or until a case will to the last.
3.5 If who driver doesn't follow (3.1), (3.2) and (3.3) already will punished follow mark law the penalty keeps topmost.

4. If your have car insurance you must is hurried contact with a insurance company immediately.
Because a insurance company has will an officer comes to according to there is an accident do a map there is an accident keep for completely take to keep defend.

5. If there is the camera or seek the camera has near the scene must is hurried take a photograph a car and the scene keeps fully.
In order to get keep basis case fight next and if there is an officer of hospital way or the division helps person meet to take photographs a corpse or the scene keeps. As a result give contact with beg for a picture that transfer to keep because will advantage old the case later.

6. Should help the patient or the value cremates of the dead person.

About this get into trouble that be important driver often not see the advantage of these assistance. The truth is when we drive a car to bump against dead , The wounded or car driving in that negligence. We are guilty both legislative of civil and penal.

The penal we will may must are punished imprisoned.
The civil we will must compensate the value is wounded , the value cremates to give with him again be imprisoned already still must lose one's money give with patient faction the his dead again the now is if we help the patient or use the value has cremated dead already How good ? can answer that It excellent e.g.
We drive a car to bump against the patient go to the hospital. Later a public prosecutor informs us builds the court. We the announce builds the court that we help the patient sends the hospital majority the court will think we are good generous person, Court may wait for criminal give we by don't imprison us but if we have bumped against then flee majority the court will like to to imprison us because think we are a person is without kindness.

The acceptance uses damages gives the patient be valuable very e.g. If we don't try to agree use damages gives with the patient his police will orderly keep that do not return stolen property car to an accused until accused try agree with injured person faction and if we compensate pay the value cremates to give him civil suit hold over because be regarded as make a settlement the civil suit already will inform recover damage us in the sense civil of no again and if we accuse the penal case builds the court injured person will come to the announce builds the court that we have compensated to give him already. The majority has already the court will kind an accused by judge give wait for penal an accused. see that patient assistance and how is gene rousing that good ? [ car , insurance , life ]

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