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Interesting matter about car insurance. " when a car loses "?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Beg for advise emergency regulation because a car is lost as follows.

1. See the criminals is stealing our car how are we will do?. If accidentally fortune at we see while the criminals is stealing our car. we should be done as follows ..
(1.1) Call the assistant the shouting the assistant such as - shout that " steal , help! , steal " normally the criminals when hear person sound shout such the majority will like to run away.
(1.2) Call give the police helps to arrest if that area has the police we should shout or be hurried inform give the police can arrest immediately. but if we see the criminals by the criminals doesn't see us .
we should hurried a telephone informs the police be hurried come to arrest promptly but if think don't be in time because more time at the police will arrive the criminals take a car has can go to already we should use the right protects our loud assets .
(1.3) Use the right protects our assets Law truth authorizes us there is the right will to can protect assets our life according to law mean we have the right will protect the right in the life body and the right in our assets . we there is the right will to can protect our assets such as the criminals reaches to rob our house reach steal we . we there is the right will to can protect our assets have a condition that important stay that we must do to go to by moderately to the cause but if exceed more the cause . we be illegal for example he will only hit us but we get back to use a gun shoots him like this to call that exceed more the cause is illegal . But he hits us and we hit him like this to call that moderately old the cause be prevention do not be illegal . assets prevention the alike . must do by moderately old the cause such as the criminals has only empty-handed have no what is a weapon reach force open our car. we shoot him dies like this to call that exceed more the cause do not be the prevention legally . but if the criminals has gun weapon we will have warned then get back to turn to shoot us. we shoot the criminals dies like this to the prevention must regarded as do go to moderately old the cause doesn't be illegal therefore when we see the criminals is stealing our car or rob our car. we there is the right will to use a weapon protect of our but must use moderately way to the cause. otherwise it be illegal exceed more than the cause or must see get into trouble to ? will that should protect or not in the events that happens before .
(1.4) we are the civilian has the right catches the criminals can steal a car yes or no ? [ life , insurance , quotes ]

2. The truth still have a person more greatly at s don't know that people has the right can catch the criminals .
(2.1) when meet a mistake face to face and that law mistake authorizes to arrest . The mistake face to face mean the mistake is thatting see to do or meet in which symptoms which almost don't suspect that , get make a mistake come to immediately. The mistake sees while do easy that such as see the criminals is forcing open our automobile , being rob our car like this to the mistake face to face we reach to arrest immediately must not wait for the police . because if wait for the police criminals flee be finished already . The character that meet in the symptoms has that to make a mistake come to is immediately such as the criminals runs away to come to have the blood is wet in hand and have gun run away the police comes to like this . we arrest type about the criminals jumps to flee from our car hold car our key runs away a person shout that steal , steal like this to held to have the symptoms has made a mistake then is immediately . we arrest alike immediately .
But the mistake that face to that face must not the mistake is tiny. must the mistake that is punished tall such as steal , snatch a bag and run away , rob which these his mistake will specify in the law that . we can catch the criminals. If the criminals comes to make a mistake such face to face.
(2.2) Manager officer follows a warrant of arrest ask for help give location person is similar to. for help arrest the criminals mean his police a warrant of arrest the criminals such as The criminals steals a car has gone to already. He comes to ask for help from us the location is similar to give help each other to go out catch the criminals. like this we have the right attends with the police can arrest that criminals. because at that time we have position to is like officer assistant already .
However arresting might have using force against . If the criminals interrupts our touch and will escape such as embrace use force against our fighting. we there is the right will use the way or the prevention is as much as be appropriate the behavior reaches can arrest such as the criminals hits us. we there is the right will to compress the criminals for can catch the criminals do not be illegal .

2. Must inquire location person near a car for know a clue of the criminals.
Normally a car that us is stopping. If do not be unseen person too place person location area majority near a parking lot will stay to like have a person has a hand in. First thing must compose oneself well commonsense have to faint before in time advertise. from that time we be hurried inquire location area that person learn the news that see figure criminals , character , flaw how is the appearance comes to get our car goes to ? or not and that criminals car has driven to go to ? long time ? already when get the data then is hurried write the name the location of person witness who tells us keeps well because he is will important our witness when a case reaches the police a public prosecutor and the court. when get the data has or not the data must hurried manage in the joint goes to .

3. Advertisement the police near most in quickly words most.
A car is lost that if inform the police give fast most ? a chance will have to a car returns abound most only. Because the police is will likely to separate can catch the criminals fast and promptly. Giving police information near most that if we see the police stays that area or at near most have the police. We must hurried run to tell the police immediately because with regard to we tell the police in words that sometimes fast more to a telephone informs the police again and when the police has taken to inform already. He can contact with the division protect car robbery quickly more than us.

4. A telephone informs the police.
Police Department way has stood the division protects and subdue car robbery has gone up in Police Department already. Something a telephone advertises that if we a will telephone goes to still the police station. Sometimes we seek telephone police station number doesn't meet or a telephone is decayed. Sometimes more will effective telephone time-consuming arrive at half hour more the police areas the police station will know criminals take our car disappears to are hour already. Therefore for the quickness is fast. If will give good should the telephone goes to the number directly. car location part in provincial you be hurried contact with a telephone goes to still the police station and A Provincial Constabulary such.

5. Must tell the detail about a car correct and fast.
As have ever tell already that. Flaw detail the appearance about our that car. we will must write to keep personal all the time for pick up use during the emergency. supposing that we record in individual our notebook that " A car is TOYOTA , Color is white , generation RT 9-777 Bangkok , The number is 6 D-326782 , Number arrives at 3 M-4215723-64 bumper rear right side dented flaw. A skirt is shameless the left has a scratch long 2 CM. The cloth covers car straight head driver roof has a trace was cut at circle sign has 2 ink dot stains ..." record this car all owner will should record in hand keep all the time can pick up use during the emergency has promptly .

6. Go to advertise at the police station.
The arrival advertises at police that station must go to advertise at the police station where a car is lost in power border of the police station such and must have evidence with henceforth..
(6.1) Identity card.
(6.2) Census ( the census records is ).
(6.3) Identity government servant card.
(6.4) Passport the passport for foreigners who travels to come in a country.
(6.5) If go to advertise replace the other who is owner of a car have authorize car owner go to advertise with.
(6.6) If be a representative the juvenile or The incompetent as a result give prepare the voucher show representative rightfully of the juvenile or show voucher of the an incompetent person follow the writ in hand go to with.
(6.7) Permanent car handbook , Permanent car document is motor vehicle registration.
(6.8) If be a car pays by instalments as a result give lead the contract of rent buys in hand go to with.
(6.9) Give car photograph to the police keeps. If there are many car our photographs a picture is color picture gives with the police will keep to is excellenting. Because the photograph should have the detail more than the explanation stands many times.
Giving the that information will should give the detail best to the police and don't forget that if you have written the name and the location of the witness who has a hand in the events as a result give that detail to the police with.

7. When advertise already should beg for copy giving the from police information keeps tangibly.
Usually person advertise should have the right will to beg for to select messages keeps in order to get pick collect keep tangibly in case of there is sticking car to can return or we visit our car where. we will have led a copy advertises that give the police in the border where can seize a car sees tangibly will get convenient in taking returns later. [ life , insurance , quotes ]

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